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Everyday Applications Become Peer-2-Peer

August 2020: Beta-Launch Of End-User Applications On The ThreeFold Grid

What Can You Expect

Applications that you love to use daily in a peer-to-peer and secure way.

All apps run on the ThreeFold Grid and are payed for with ThreeFold Tokens (TFT). Every single one of these apps will never exploit any user data, as all data resides in the user's 3bot which no one can acces but the user themself.


A few applications we will bring to live.


An easy way to use your 3Bot for email purposes


Easy videoconferencing tool that runs on the ThreeFold Grid


One of most secure way to browse the world wide web

Office Suite

Offices applications just like the ones you use now, but decentralized and respecting your privacy

All Workloads Are Deployed On The ThreeFold Grid

World's Largest Decentralized Grid Of Peer-to-Peer Internet Capacity.
The New Internet Built For The Planet Using 3 Core Values


Internet access is a human right - yet 50% of the global population remains unconnected. This is not acceptable. The Internet should be affordable and accessible to everyone, across cultural and geographical borders.


Today, +90% of the world relies on hyperscale data centers which are owned by large corporations and located far away. We need a distributed Internet where people are truly digitally sovereign and own their data.


The Internet is extremely power hungy, consuming 5-10% of global energy today. These numbers may triple this decade. We have to act now and play a part in saving the planet and humanity.

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