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The Place To Be For Any Sys-Admin or Developer

The Market Place For IT Capacity

Comes with easy chatflows to pay & deploy in seconds

Install 3Bot Connect

To get access to the marketplace you will need the 3Bot Connect app on your phone for 2FA purposes.

What's In The Marketplace

A few examples of what you can provision and deploy by following the easy chat flows.


Provision full-blown kubernetes clusters on the TF grid.


Deploy a machine with MinIO along with the number of zdbs needed for storage.


Deploy a wiki, blog, website and access it via an IP and a public domain.


Deploy a network on the grid and to connect your solutions together.

Chatflows To Make Your Life Easy

Deploy complex infrastructure in a matter of seconds


Pick Your Workload

Pick the workload you would like to setup and set the parameters as you go.


Pick You Wallet

Choose which TFT wallet you would like to use to pay for the workload.


Deploy You Workload

Show off your application to the world

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All Workloads Are Deployed On The ThreeFold Grid

World's Largest Decentralized Grid Of Peer-to-Peer Internet Capacity.
The New Internet Built For The Planet Using 3 Core Values


Internet access is a human right - yet 50% of the global population remains unconnected. This is not acceptable. The Internet should be affordable and accessible to everyone, across cultural and geographical borders.


Today, +90% of the world relies on hyperscale data centers which are owned by large corporations and located far away. We need a distributed Internet where people are truly digitally sovereign and own their data.


The Internet is extremely power hungy, consuming 5-10% of global energy today. These numbers may triple this decade. We have to act now and play a part in saving the planet and humanity.

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