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Grid 1.0 Release: Solutions & Applications

Run Any Linux Workload On Demand

Ever since the go-live of the ThreeFold Grid people have been releasing workloads on demand by themselves or with help of partners using TFT as a payment mechanism for capacity.

Why Deploy On The ThreeFold Grid?

A Few Reasons You Should Move Your Workloads To The ThreeFold Grid

For Anybody

Run public, private, and even hybrid solutions on the ThreeFold Grid with our on demand program.

Save Budget

With the ThreeFold Grid resources are very competitevely priced when compared to the market.

Edge Ready

The decentralized nature of the Grid runs the workloads close to end-users. Reducing latency and waste.

Any Linux Application

Anything you have previously ran on a Linux based system the ThreeFold Grid can handle since our 2.0 release.

The ThreeFold Grid

World's Largest Decentralized Grid Of Peer-to-Peer Internet Capacity.
The New Internet Built For The Planet Using 3 Core Values


Internet access is a human right - yet 50% of the global population remains unconnected. This is not acceptable. The Internet should be affordable and accessible to everyone, across cultural and geographical borders.


Today, +90% of the world relies on hyperscale data centers which are owned by large corporations and located far away. We need a distributed Internet where people are truly digitally sovereign and own their data.


The Internet is extremely power hungy, consuming 5-10% of global energy today. These numbers may triple this decade. We have to act now and play a part in saving the planet and humanity.

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ThreeFold Grid

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