The BetterToken SN-1 Node

The Perfect Starter Model

The SN1 is based on a server class chassis that can be installed anywhere safe in your home office or small office. It is super-quiet and small enough that it can just sit in a corner generating tokens for you – and providing that all important edge capacity on the ThreeFold Grid.

SN-1 Specifications


0.25 TB SSD 

0.25 TB SSD NVMe Samsung


4 logical cores

1 x AMD Ryzen 3 2200 CPU



16 Dimm Non ECC



no HDD needed in starter model

  • ThreeFold Certified hardware, guaranteed to work with Zero-OS.
  • Three year hardware return to base and replace warranty.
  • Storage can be increased to 4 HDDs
  • Plug & Farm: Plug it into a power socket and attach it to your network and you are good to go
  • Shipping included to anywhere in the EU
  • Free online support for 5 years

Total estimated ROI: 1.4 to 3.4 for starter SN1 without HDD

Assumes $0.1 TFT price at connection and range of $0.2-0.5 per TFT at exit. Estimated ROI range includes 60% capacity sales, power consumption, bandwidth, 20% price erosion and all commissions and fees. For further discussion of these details, please get in touch via our contact page. 

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