What is a ThreeFold Token?

The Utility Token For A New, Neutral and Green Internet Grid

The ThreeFold Grid, Launched by the ThreeFold Foundation March 2018. A decentralized, neutral & sustainable internet grid that could answer a 7 billion dollar problem. The demand for internet capacity is growing exponentially in all directions: users x devices x geographies. Current centralized internet infrastructure is struggling to keep up the pace and will lose the race eventually. Latency is a bottleneck in innovations where time is of the essence (self driving cars, supply chain, etc). Besides the ever growing demand for internet capacity there is the controlled nature of the centralized approach. Just a handful of companies “own” 80% of all internet infrastructure, and with that all the data being processed and residing on this infrastructure. And to finish things of most of the centralized infrastructure is ran in hyperscale datacenters which huge copious amounts of energy. This needs to come to end. And it ends at the ThreeFold Grid.

And BetterToken gives you an opportunity to be a part of the ThreeFold Grid in various ways of ThreeFold “Farming”.

read all about the ThreeFold Foundation on www.threefoldtoken.com

What is Farming?

Farming ThreeFold Tokens is like Mining Bitcoin but Better.

Farming is basically growing the ThreeFold Grid by adding compute power or storage to it. By adding compute or storage capacity the blockchain running the TF-Grid: the ThreeFold Chain, will farm tokens and immediately add them to your wallet. The added capacity gets listed in the ThreeFold Directory and is ready to be used by individuals and companies in need of storage or compute capacity. So each token represents actual internet capacity, opposed to bitcoin mining for instance.

Read the ThreeFold Whitepaper here

Bitcoin Mining vs ThreeFold Token Farming?

The main differences explained

Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining
TFT Farming
TFT Farming
Dirty: More power usage than any of 100 nations today. Clean: All consumed power is put to good use by producing internet capacity at locations where needed the most.
Zero Utility. The blockchain is becoming slower and slower by the day. Not possible to use as a quick means of payment anymore. Utility: Fast blockchain with real utility: Usable Internet Capacity
Price: relates to nothing Price: related to internet capacity market
Scarce: Scarcity driving up the price Unlimited: demand = internet growth
Speculative Value: for as long as people believe it’s Valuable Real Value: Linked to real internet capacity leading to possible 5-10 times ROI

bettertoken's Role

What will bettertoken do for you as a farmer?

Essentially BetterToken will add as much capacity to the grid as possible with the help of anyone that wants to become a farmer but does not want to deal with the hardware hassle themselves. For a small fee BetterToken will maximise ROI and take care of all costs that hardware bring with them (rackspace, power supply, connectivity, etc.)


BetterToken will manage and maintain all Cooperative Capacity owned by the farmers in the Cooperative

EU Marketing

One of our main objectives of BetterToken is to market the Cooperative and the usage of the Cooperative Capacity within European borders .

Minimize Down Time

We have hands on support to keep all nodes up and running.


We believe in 100% transparency towards our Farmers at all time. With our Farmer Dashboard we provide insight into our operation.

Grow the Grid

Expansion of the BetterToken Cooperative Capacity is and will remain a high priority at all times to grow our operations and with that ROI for our Farmers


Besides growing the usage we believe educating the community about the grid and BetterToken in General to ensure usage of the capacity.

Want To Join The BetterToken Cooperative?

Buy Farming Equipment in our Dashboard

Become a BetterToken Farmer

You wish to buy hardware to become a part of the BetterToken Farmer Cooperative? Let us know through the form below and we will be in touch shortly.